Bat Returns?

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Greetings all from the other side of the Internet. The non-digital one. Whats it called again? The real world? Anyway, remembered about this and looked back. Wasn’t really super-active on this but I’m honestly thinking of actually trying this out properly, time willing. Though I do miss my buddies, crazyrick and Mark. I didn’t keep so active on the talking side of things but I do miss them. But anyway, here I go again now thinking of doing this… let’s see how that turns out.


It’s a Mad Max kind of world…

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Yesterday, I saw the latest Mad Max movie. When I heard it was being made, it wasn’t on my list of movies to see. Then I heard the reviews and people’s comments about it so I thought I would watch it. It… was… amazing. Thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying. I went out of the cinema excited still. Good write, great setting, awesome music and excellent cast. The last movie I was this impressed with was Dredd.

On the cast, all enjoyable. Hardy makes a good Max and Theron a strong female lead. She doesn’t play second fiddle, a damsel online distress or token woman. No, she plays a tough one, Judgment Day Sarah Connor tough. Arguably, the movies more about her than Max. Ultimately, the plot is kind of basic nod done before but it’s the way the movie is done that makes it enjoyable. Not going to go into spoiler territory but I would recommend this movie.

Now I need to watch up the older Mad Max movies…

Come get your Destiny love here

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Hey all, long time no type. Just testing the waters again of returning. I know, I know… I always say that and disappear. All I can say is… I am going to try and return to doing things. Hopefully..

Anyway, in gaming news, recently Destiny has been released. The much hyped Bungie game is not set in the Halo universe but it’s own setting. It’s an MMOFPS more or less. Set in the far future when the remains of mankind try to desperately survive hordes of hostile aliens that have occupied the solar system.

This isn’t mine but I direct you to some
Destiny Love. If you watched Guardians of the Galaxy, you might appreciate it more. That’s all for now, hopefully see you guys soon.

Warcraft Rap

•April 7, 2007 • 1 Comment

Yes yes, I know things are burning down and that a certain person *looks at rick* is talking about an update. Anyway, here’s a quick one on a video from Youtube about Warcraft that I recieved. Its kind of funny and more funny if you actually played the game, which I have a while ago as some people can remember. If not, then you are getting old and need to browse the archives. Yes, you heard me, you are getting OLD! Just kidding folks.

Do note that I am working on some updates for some games and movies I have seen. Its just that damn perfectionist streak thats taking it ages to get it done. Expected time till completion? Perhaps 2010… *ahem* Anyway, enjoy the update and hopefully more will follow once things settle down again.

Robin Hood Anyone?

•March 7, 2007 • 1 Comment

I think we all know the story of Robin Hood. The tale of an outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave the money to the poor while avoiding the Sheriff of Nottingham. We have seen movies, cartoons, possibly games and many other variations of the tale. Some of them quite entertaining.

Then, we have something that can be extremely disappointing which is the BBC1 show called Robin Hood which I think, merciflly, should get cancelled after its first season but apparently it has not. Basically, this video from Deadringers kind of emphasises what they did to the show in that they took a much loved classic and gave it a ‘modern’ feeling to it. Which is, quite frankly, horrible. I mean I was hoping it might turn good after the first episode which was disappointing but it went kind of downhill after that and I stopped watching by the third episode which I have blocked from memory.

So hope you enjoyed the video and enjoyed the update people. Till next time!


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Well, since I have been accused of excessively liking Robot Chicken (moi?) I decided to consult the gaming universe for news. So whats new? Well, apparently there is a Battlestar Galactica (the new one) game in the works.

Its another in the long line of Galactica merchandise coming out. I mean there was Galactica, then there was the webepisodes that bridged the gap between last season and the current one, the word on a prequel series called Caprica and now this along with things like card games etc etc.

All I got to say is…. Damn you X-Box! First you curse us with Halo fans and now you claim this great sci-fi universe! Argh…


•March 5, 2007 • 2 Comments

Well, what is today’s update about? Its about the X-Files, a tv show that rick is almost intimately famliar with. The show is essentially about the belief in aliens and paranormal activities with one FBI agent attempting to discover the truth. I would suggest moving to rick’s blog for some good reviews of the seasons of X-Files which he has done quite well.  

Now you can wonder what this update has to do with X-Files? Well, I direct you people to this wonderful clip from faithful Youtube that highlights how much of an impact it has had on our television.