Where did all the time go?

Well, well, well, surprising that this is my third day of updating the blog. Gasp! Yes I know. I did not even think I could manage this. And yes, I know, the entry is somewhat later then what is usually expected.

On to the matters of the day which have not been much beyond studying and doing chores as well as attending a meeting for most of the evening. What kind of meeting you ask? Well, I am a lawyer in training so it must be black robes, pentagrams and evil chanting in a circle. But in seriousness, it was just a meeting that I attend for a club which is about all I am going to mention. Beyond that? Well, I watched the latest episodes of Battlestar Galactica, the new re-imagined series. I just could not wait till January! Besides, I am probably going to be very busy in that time so best watch it now while I have the freedom I can enjoy…barely. It was quite a good episode which is what the new Galactica produces on a usual basis, won’t go beyond that in fear of spoiling it for those of you who have not seen it.

On to other things, well I got mentioned Rihards Online and Unplugged, a nice site from a coding friend of mine, yes its the same devilish fiend that made me get this blog. I suggest those of you who have not been there to click that link and do so this instant.  It, and another doodling place, are what blogs should be like…I think…. Anyway, what is left for the day? I was actually going to sort out this image problem I did with that Bond picture in my last entry that rick ‘Pfft’ed me about but its late and I got a busy day tomorrow so will try and learn/do that another time.

Anyway, this is Bat signing out and woo nice, I think I found the spellchecker…..


~ by Bat on November 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Where did all the time go?”

  1. devilish fiend eh? 😛

  2. Definately :p

  3. Yay doodling 😀

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