Creature Feature: Mark

Well, time to go back into the Creature Feature again. This days victim is one Markus Aurellius Maximus. Warrior of Rome and servant of Claudius Maximus. Actually…. no, its just going to be plain old Mark here.

Who is he? I think he might be a robot. A robotic replicant that was built to look like a human being. I mean the signs are all there…. Seriously though, he is known as UT or Unholytrinity or Unholytrinitivich or Mr Skinner from the X-Files. A doodler. Yes, one of those hippy people that see colours everywhere and say ‘Woah man, my hands are awesome! Woah, whats that… its my hair! Wow man!’.

Where is he? Inside a rainbow possibly but actually within the UK. Yes people, it seems I should be careful as this person could try and track me down!

How do I know him? I saw him back on SGN during a time when I would lurk and watch this RPG called DW. After the game ended, I quickly went for the opportunity to get a position and went for the head fist. The bossman and not lackies. After then I just kept hassling him until he accepted me into online conversations. Success people! Word of advice for some of you, persistence! Always wins out in the end. Now, I just hope Mark does not come on and see this…..

Well, thats the second creature feature done for the day. Who to do next now… any suggestions people?


~ by Bat on November 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Creature Feature: Mark”

  1. Your list of top 10 geek girls šŸ˜›

  2. Perhaps šŸ˜›

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