I was going to write a larger post, perhaps what rick suggest with top 10 geeky ladies, but have to go out soon so don’t have time for that. Instead, I shall be talking about the addictive worlds of MMORPG’s. Not that I have such a game… technically, I have never been really interested in them plus the idea of paying monthly just to play a game, well….

Regardless though, such games seem to be quite popular nowadays so I have been thinking about perhaps joining this new frontier. Sadly, it does not look like I will be joining this gaming world because well… world of lawyers provides almost no time. But the ones I have been considering are either City of Heroes, World of Warcraft and Stargate Worlds which is in development till 2007. Based on the Stargate universe of SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. They made a wikipedia with all the latest information from the game which seems quite interesting. Might actually for this if I do decide to join the MMORPG world and hopefully might play it the sametime as rick with the opportunity of finally beating him in a game with both play… at the same time… ahem….

Anyway, thats today’s entry done so later all!


~ by Bat on November 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “An MMORPG?”

  1. Bleh as much as I’d like to get involved on a game with both you and Rick again, I don’t think I can ever justify a monthly fee for something I doubt I’d play that much, I play games sporadically at best.

  2. Beat me? You must be joking right? 😛

  3. I aint kidding you stinking warrior who had a bucket for a helmet and a mop to fight with 😛

    Well, not sure. I might actually get it depending on if I have free time but with the current MMORPG’s it looks like there are tonnes of patches you have to download just to be up to date so I might have to buy a new computer dedicated for such games or delete everything I have off this computer 😛

  4. Hey everybody –
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