Shush people!

Yes I know I have not updated the blog for the last…. three days? Wow…. Anyway, have been very busy and only had a few minutes to go on the net before disappearing into the black nightmarish realm from which I usually disppear into when busy…

Whats new? Well, I watched the new episode of Stargate: Atlantis. Before rick! Yes, I am shocked as well. Anyway, he has probably watched it by now so my victory dance must end now. Just kidding of course. It was a nice episode, not brilliant but a nice adventure type thing where something happened and the team must figure out what it was before it is too late. Pity though that SG-1 won’t appear till March-ish so we won’t find out what happened in that killer mid-season finale.

They the earlier episodes, which I saw a while back, are showing now on Sky so watching those a bit as well. They showed the one with a certain member from the TV show Firefly. Now that was a great show as well, one that got sadly cancelled. Just makes you think what makes TV networks think because its near alien logic to me. But alas…. anyway, stargate seems to have a growing addition in Firefly actors. I mean in total there are about 3 actors from Firefly that starred in Stargate namely as a female Wraith, the Orici and an SG team Colonel. Interesting, no?

Oh finally, that intro sequence for Casino Royale is back up it seems. While I do adore Youtube for all the great stuff that is put up, it can be a stubborn mule sometimes and makes things disappear…. Anyway, entry done for today.


~ by Bat on December 2, 2006.

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