Aha! Got you!

Yes its been a while since I updated and some of you thought I wouldnt slack. Haha! Well, it looks like you were…. right… ok… ahem. Anyway!

Whats new? Well, the WoW free trial is now over and even though I have the option of subscribing for the month I don’t think I will do that at this point in time. Got too much to sort out, what with the evil rituals, the law and all – well my time is already quite full. So maybe, around June-ish I might subscribe again since it was quite a fun game. Would have been more friends if there were friends around to play with but guess thats what the Guilds are for in the game. Was offered to join one actually but declined since I wasn’t going to play for long.

What happened? Well, in WoW, quite a lot of things actually. I got up to level 14 with my Forsaken Warlock… might have gone higher but missed a day or so of the free trial so lost that time to advance. My Night Elf Druid remains at level 5 I believe. Pity, I was quite interesting in changing into a bear in combat. Anyway, as a Forsaken I had a fun ride on a large bat (yes I am aware of the humour here, shoo now) that flew me from one distant city to another. That was cool, especially when it flew into the underground city of the Forsaken that is *dun dun dun dun dun!* the Undercity. I died quited a bit on the last day though and believe me for an undead warlock it does suck quite a bit. Mainly because you turn into  ghost and have the option of either ‘repossessing’ your corpse or asking a Spirit Healer to resurrect you but suffer damage to all the items you carry… oh and a money cost. Argh! I think I died about oh…. 20 times? And thats because of following this guy in this party who THOUGHT he was a good leader…. heh. Did experience fighting in a dungeon… shortly… before I was massacred by a wolf and had to resurrect again. *sigh* Pity I could not make soulstones as that would make resurrection a lot easier. Oh best stuff was fighting underwater though. Was very cool.

What now? Well, not much. I found out that they are indeed making a third stargate series in 2008 which I hope goes good like its two predecessors. Also, they are making an animated Trek cartoon series based in the future where the Romulans went nasty and did a lot of damage. As for real life, well I cannot reveal the workings of evil regardless of the money you pay! Just that I have been very busy.

Hopefully, I can do the updates more regularly but if not then rest assured people, it will be updated. Now I must be off into the real world. Later people!


~ by Bat on December 15, 2006.

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