Stargate: Alliance

Well, in order to make an update for the blog, I need to pick a topic and I guess I will talk about this game.

Stargate Alliance was going to be a game coming out for the console and PC. It was going to be set in season 7 or 8 of SG-1 during Anubis’s time. It had an interesting concept really and even had videos of the game being shown in an SG-1 episode. The intro itself was what hooked me to the game but sadly it got cancelled after being plagued with difficulties regarding its production. Again, youtube was ever faithful in possessing the video. 

The story, as already mentioned, involved Anubis who the players fought as SG-1. And they also fought a new dangerous menace called the ‘Haaken’ I think that would have been an ancient evil race that was imprisoned by the Ancients a long time ago but were released once again.

Well, while not a very informative update so shoo people, stop tormenting me! And expect another update soon…


~ by Bat on December 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “Stargate: Alliance”

  1. Hadn’t seen that before, hmm actually did look good, didn’t think they’d got it that far along, ouch that it was canned at that stage (as opposed to Starcraft Ghost which I did a little dance about being cancelled).

  2. I think they were practically close to releasing it but publisher problems killed it

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