Creature Feature: Jade

Yes, I have resurrected the hilarious and somewhat popular, Creature Feature. Todays victim is another denzien of the place known as SGN. Known as Jade. Or to some, the Jade Monkey. Don’t ask…..

Who is he? Well, consulting wikipedia, Jade is ‘a creature that would plague aircraft and cause a number of mechanical errors during World War II’. Wait a second… that sounds suspiciously like a gremlin to me. Meh, the description seems to fit. I mean in a game I did find numerous incidents happening to my empire…

Where is he? He lives in the land that is connected to America but is not America. Thats right people! He is Canadian. Beware, beware…..

How do I know him? Well, I saw him plenty of times on SGN and my opinion of him was a psycho who was left out of a mental institute and managed to get on to a computer and decided to get the highest post count possible. Its true! I aint lying. Well, not lying about the post count thing. I mean a forum was down and post counts starting from 0 and he managed to get several thousand already in a few weeks. But beyond that, I talked to him after he made the Foundation rpg over there. Foundation being a series of books about Humanity in the future that collapses into anarchy and stuff. I dimly recall things such as the Mule and all.

Anyway, thats another Creature Feature done. Who is my next victim? Only time will tell….


~ by Bat on December 27, 2006.

3 Responses to “Creature Feature: Jade”

  1. More posts you lazy hobo! 😀

  2. How dare you, you bum 😛 will try to get some done soon but soooo busy 😦

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