Where have I been?

I think its a simple enough question. Well, to the people who believe in dark powers and the unspeakable, like Mark, I went to Hell. Was a long journey and the jet lag was horrible. So whats going on and whats with the long absence? Studies and a busy thing called life. Yes, I know. I also thought it was simply  myth….

Anyway, to simplify, most of my time is busy getting some work done, namely studies, which should relax a bit after february but its an ongoing thing for a while. So no fun or enjoyment or anything currently. So what provoked me in updating this time since I am busy? Its one self declared FBI agent known as ‘Spooky Rick’ who has been hounding me. For the last time rick, I aint part of a conspiracy that is tasked with hiding the existence of aliens from the public! Moving on now…. 

So whats new? Beyond the busyness, there has been SG-1 showing over here several months before it shows in the US. Wohooooo! Ahem, sorry. I have calmed myself now. Its been interesting. Shame its been cancelled but there is the two movies coming out, the second one I am not looking forward to considering the disaster that was Mobius in season 8. First one looks good and there is this new third series they are talking about so now its just the waiting for that.

We have now established where I have been and possibly that updates will be rare for now until things relax a bit. Plus going to see, whenever I can, to doing a guest post at Rihardsonline which will cover the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade game. So signing out peoplpe… wooooo!


~ by Bat on January 25, 2007.

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