Hooch is crazy!

Interesting title isnt it? Well this update is about the TV show Scrubs which a certain person I know loves, you know who you are! Anyway, more specifically this update is about a character that I remember watching and saw again on TV. Loving the lines and simple ‘funnyness’ of the scenes, I turned to faithful Youtube for help. And imagine that, someone actually uploaded the entire scenes with the character known as Hooch who is a surgeon at the hospital. He only appears in a few episodes but he is a real funny character. Pity he didn’t appear much on Scrubs.

Anyway, back on topic, I found one video which has all the scenes with classical Hooch. Personally, I like love this video and shows the more ‘memorable’ parts of Hooch.

So closing comment? Hooch is crazy!


~ by Bat on February 5, 2007.

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