Well, what is today’s update about? Its about the X-Files, a tv show that rick is almost intimately famliar with. The show is essentially about the belief in aliens and paranormal activities with one FBI agent attempting to discover the truth. I would suggest moving to rick’s blog for some good reviews of the seasons of X-Files which he has done quite well.  

Now you can wonder what this update has to do with X-Files? Well, I direct you people to this wonderful clip from faithful Youtube that highlights how much of an impact it has had on our television.


~ by Bat on March 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “X-Files”

  1. If only the Simpsons was funnier, but then again, never have really been a great fan of “family humour” =\

  2. Family Guy tends to have a few lines that are quite funny, not sure if they have an X-Files one, will check 😀

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