It’s a Mad Max kind of world…


Yesterday, I saw the latest Mad Max movie. When I heard it was being made, it wasn’t on my list of movies to see. Then I heard the reviews and people’s comments about it so I thought I would watch it. It… was… amazing. Thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying. I went out of the cinema excited still. Good write, great setting, awesome music and excellent cast. The last movie I was this impressed with was Dredd.

On the cast, all enjoyable. Hardy makes a good Max and Theron a strong female lead. She doesn’t play second fiddle, a damsel online distress or token woman. No, she plays a tough one, Judgment Day Sarah Connor tough. Arguably, the movies more about her than Max. Ultimately, the plot is kind of basic nod done before but it’s the way the movie is done that makes it enjoyable. Not going to go into spoiler territory but I would recommend this movie.

Now I need to watch up the older Mad Max movies…


~ by Bat on May 18, 2015.

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