Last Robot Chicken!

•February 9, 2007 • 6 Comments

Yes, yes. I am aware I have been looking at it too much now but this is the last update with Robot Chicken! I swear on artist people’s souls.

This one might interest rick as it concerns a tv show he watches. Quite funny. Not ‘laughing so much that you fall off your seat’ funny but still its funny!

Now I must think of an update that does not involve Robot Chicken… hmmmm


Another Robot Chicken

•February 7, 2007 • 2 Comments

One of the few things I do now since I am too busy is check Youtube for funny videos. One of which I just found and decided to share it with you people.

Since I have already explained what Robot Chicken is, I think I will cut to the chase and reveal this video on Youtube. Faithful Youtube. Personally, I think Mark would love that video.

So a short update but an update still. Keep safe all!

Deathstar Designer

•February 6, 2007 • Leave a Comment

What is this update about? Well, its about this website I found called *dun dun dun!* Deathstar Designer.

What do you do in this ‘game’? Essentially, you have been given command of a group of Imperial scientists at the top secret Maw Installation who have been tasked with Grand Moff Tarkin (from Episode IV) to build a super weapon for the Galactic Empire. This weapon is essentially the First Deathstar weapon.

Now, on to the rules. Well, you have several options on what to add to the hull, which you choose the size of, as well as add many of the different features to this superweapon with a choice of what superweapon to add. Whats the catch? That age old problem which many have when building a superweapon… money. You are given a set amount of funding and you can go over but it will be noted as a con for the construction of the weapon. You can submit it but my suggestion is to review the superweapon and see what the Grand Moff says.

So, do you have what it takes to build the ultimate Deathstar?

Hooch is crazy!

•February 5, 2007 • 1 Comment

Interesting title isnt it? Well this update is about the TV show Scrubs which a certain person I know loves, you know who you are! Anyway, more specifically this update is about a character that I remember watching and saw again on TV. Loving the lines and simple ‘funnyness’ of the scenes, I turned to faithful Youtube for help. And imagine that, someone actually uploaded the entire scenes with the character known as Hooch who is a surgeon at the hospital. He only appears in a few episodes but he is a real funny character. Pity he didn’t appear much on Scrubs.

Anyway, back on topic, I found one video which has all the scenes with classical Hooch. Personally, I like love this video and shows the more ‘memorable’ parts of Hooch.

So closing comment? Hooch is crazy!

Oooh an update!

•February 4, 2007 • 3 Comments

Whats this? An update? Well damn right it is! 

So whats this update about? Well, its about this tv show called Robot Chicken. You might ask yourself, what is Robot Chicken? Its a show by Seth Green that makes funny of old cartoons, movies, games and anything else they can make fun of whether its Pokemon or Starwars. Recently, I watched this one which made fun of Mario and its really funny. I would say more but that would diminish the hilarity of it. All couresty of our good friend that is Youtube.

So yes, heres one of my rare updates done so now I shall disappear into the night of the BatCave. Later people!

Where have I been?

•January 25, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I think its a simple enough question. Well, to the people who believe in dark powers and the unspeakable, like Mark, I went to Hell. Was a long journey and the jet lag was horrible. So whats going on and whats with the long absence? Studies and a busy thing called life. Yes, I know. I also thought it was simply  myth….

Anyway, to simplify, most of my time is busy getting some work done, namely studies, which should relax a bit after february but its an ongoing thing for a while. So no fun or enjoyment or anything currently. So what provoked me in updating this time since I am busy? Its one self declared FBI agent known as ‘Spooky Rick’ who has been hounding me. For the last time rick, I aint part of a conspiracy that is tasked with hiding the existence of aliens from the public! Moving on now…. 

So whats new? Beyond the busyness, there has been SG-1 showing over here several months before it shows in the US. Wohooooo! Ahem, sorry. I have calmed myself now. Its been interesting. Shame its been cancelled but there is the two movies coming out, the second one I am not looking forward to considering the disaster that was Mobius in season 8. First one looks good and there is this new third series they are talking about so now its just the waiting for that.

We have now established where I have been and possibly that updates will be rare for now until things relax a bit. Plus going to see, whenever I can, to doing a guest post at Rihardsonline which will cover the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade game. So signing out peoplpe… wooooo!

Creature Feature: Jade

•December 27, 2006 • 3 Comments

Yes, I have resurrected the hilarious and somewhat popular, Creature Feature. Todays victim is another denzien of the place known as SGN. Known as Jade. Or to some, the Jade Monkey. Don’t ask…..

Who is he? Well, consulting wikipedia, Jade is ‘a creature that would plague aircraft and cause a number of mechanical errors during World War II’. Wait a second… that sounds suspiciously like a gremlin to me. Meh, the description seems to fit. I mean in a game I did find numerous incidents happening to my empire…

Where is he? He lives in the land that is connected to America but is not America. Thats right people! He is Canadian. Beware, beware…..

How do I know him? Well, I saw him plenty of times on SGN and my opinion of him was a psycho who was left out of a mental institute and managed to get on to a computer and decided to get the highest post count possible. Its true! I aint lying. Well, not lying about the post count thing. I mean a forum was down and post counts starting from 0 and he managed to get several thousand already in a few weeks. But beyond that, I talked to him after he made the Foundation rpg over there. Foundation being a series of books about Humanity in the future that collapses into anarchy and stuff. I dimly recall things such as the Mule and all.

Anyway, thats another Creature Feature done. Who is my next victim? Only time will tell….